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Le marketing digital pour les hôtels devient de plus en plus complexe. ... La solution révolutionnaire pour ce problème complexe est une architecture de marketing numérique ....


What are hotel Google Ads?

Google ads are a form of online advertising where contextual ads appear on search engine result pages. Hotel Google ads allow hotel owners and marketers to showcase their hotels through adverts across mobile devices, tablets and desktop devices on Google. People will see your ads when they are looking for a hotel like your to book. Google provides a link attached to your Ads to your booking page when the Ad is clicked. Unlike in other online advertisements in Google ads payments are as per the number of clicks generated by the ad. You are only to pay after successful bookings.

Benefits your hotel will get from using Google hotel ads as a form of marketing.

1. Increase direct traffic to your website.

Google has 4.5 billion searches in a day, 20% of this searches are made by business and leisure travelers. Your hotel will be shown to travelers looking for hotel services you offer in your location. When one clicks on your hotel he will be redirected to your website hence an increase in quality traffic in your hotel website. The more the traffic the more online booking you will have.

2. Guest contact information

When guests are directed to your booking page they are prompted to give their contacts. This contacts can be used in future to marketing activities and loyalty programs.

3. Increase in revenue

Google ads attract quality traffic since services offered and pricing is shown in the ads only interested people click to book. You will experience an increase in the number of guests in no time as many people will get to know about your hotel. The more booking you will have in your hotel the more money you are to make.

4. Affordable marketing plan

Unlike in other advertisements where you are required to pay first for your business to be advertised and the cost isn't dependent on how effective it is, in Google ads, you are only required to pay when a person clicks on your ad and books. The higher the cost the higher the number of bookings at your hotel.

5. Geo-targeting advantage. Your ads will be displayed to people in your specified geographic location. This helps you get customers looking for hotel services in your location only.

6. Like other online advertisements, google ads create awareness. Small and starting hotels are able to compete with big and famous hotels fairly depending on services they offer. A starting hotel is able to establish itself easily.

7. Google ads are a long-term advertisement strategy. They don't lose their effectiveness with time. The ads are available on the internet every time there is a search related to the services you offer and the location of your hotel.

Google hotel ads services are offered by Wikihotels Wikihotels helps you create Google ads for your hotel. It creates contentful ads that will provide all information every person looking for a hotel online may need to know about your hotel before booking. Wikihotels also offer Google hotel finder and trip advice which makes it more suitable to offer google hotel ads services.



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