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Le marketing digital pour les hôtels devient de plus en plus complexe. ... La solution révolutionnaire pour ce problème complexe est une architecture de marketing numérique ....


Want to know the secret to maximizing LinkedIn for sales professionals? LinkedIn has fast become one of the most respected social sites for professionals. And for sales professionals, LinkedIn is a near necessity for connecting with prospective and current clients.

You've completed your profile, gained hundreds of connections, received recommendations, and added your skills and areas of expertise, but is there anything else you should be doing to help you to engage? Indeed there is. LinkedIn Groups are the secret to maximizing LinkedIn for sales professionals. Here are 6 reasons to join LinkedIn Groups today:

1.  Start a conversation - LinkedIn Groups are all about conversations. Curious about the best practice? Want ideas? Looking for advice? Think of your LinkedIn Group as a free sounding board.

2.  You can send messages to group members without being connected to them - This is a little-known fact. Typically you must be connected with someone to send them a message but if you're in the same group, you have the ability to communicate with them. Just be careful not to abuse this privilege.

3.  Allows you to follow top influencers - Influencers abound in LinkedIn Groups and you'll know them when you see them. They typically post often and share great content. Engage with these people. Learn from them. Mimic the things they do.

4.  Keep up-to-date on topics - Some LinkedIn Groups are more active than others and provide great content. You'll learn best practices, trends, and more. Spend just 10 minutes per day scanning headlines in your LinkedIn Groups and you're sure to find some thought-provoking content.

5.  You can promote without spamming - Want to promote a special offer? It's typically bad form to do so on LinkedIn, but LinkedIn Groups have a tab just for that. Click on the "Promotions" tab to see what others are promoting or to promote your business.

6.  Free job postings - LinkedIn is a great way to promote an open position at your hotel and if you belong to industry LinkedIn Groups, the right audience is reading your job postings.

If you're reading this blog, you are likely hospitality professional. I invite you to join one of my favorite LinkedIn Groups, Linking Hoteliers #hotelprofs (Hotel Social Media Marketing Best Practices).


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