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While we wondered why the launch of the latest version of WordPress had been postponed, Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, announced that WordPress 5.0 will finally be available December 6, 2018.

And yet, hundreds of bugs remain to be corrected.
The response from the WordPress community was not entirely positive due to the fact that Release Candidate 2 was tested only during last weekend (2 days).
The announcement was unexpected because of so many outstanding issues that needed to be resolved. According to the most common WordPress documentation, there were 280 pending bugs to fix in WordPress 5.0.
The total number of bugs requiring correction is 1,370.
WordCamp seems to be there for something
There are many good reasons to wait until 2019 to release the new version of WordPress.
Aside from the many bugs and problems, the holiday season is already here. Deploying a major release of anything at that time, close to the end of the year holiday, could be embarrassing for publishers, developers, and companies that have WordPress sites online.
Some of the commentators on the official announcement have hinted that the release date of December 6, 2018 finally held coincides with Matt Mullenweg's Keynote at WordCamp (a WordPress conference) and not because WordPress is ready.
The launch date of WordPress 5.0 is December 6th. And the WordCamp starts on December 7th.


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